*Save the Date* Vault Tasting IV – 21 March 2016 10.30-19.00

*Save the Date* Vault Tasting IV – 21 March 2016 10.30-19.00

Welcome to the fourth Vault Tasting at The Winemakers Club. Twice a year we take over the Victorian arches in the heart of Farringdon, to showcase our newest finds to buyers, sommeliers and the wine press.

For this Spring Vault, we have the pleasure to introduce Vine Trail as the Tasting’s Guest Table. They bring an excellent selection of Grower Champagnes, Jura and Rhone Valley wines into the mix.

To make this Vault bigger and better, we will have a new DJ set by Dan Keeling from Noble Rot, we will have more foodmore wine producers at the tables and finally we will be running Master-classes through out the day. Watch this space.

Who are we:

Tutto / Clark Foyster / Howard Ripley / Gergovie Wines / Carte Blanche Wines / The Winemakers Club / Vine Trail

About The Vault Tastings:
We haven’t outsourced our trade tasting to a big company. This is our wine tasting, a reflection of what we do. We don’t just sell wine; we locate amazing producers, taste wine, buy wine, and if we like it, then we bring it to Vault for you to try.

vaulttastings.com // @vaulttastings // vaulttastings@thewinemakersclub.co.uk

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Where:           The Winemakers Club
41a Farringdon St,
London EC4A 4AN
020 7236 2936

Website:        https://vaulttastings.com/
Twitter:          @vaulttastings

Contact:          Wieteke Teppema